How To Crush Social Media in 2020

Social media is on the brink of change, so it’s important to offer your audience added value

How To Crush Social Media in 2020

Social media is on the brink of change. In the past, creating and marketing content was considered a luxury. Today, this is an absolute requirement, crucial for your business. If you want to grow, social media is the key.

Trends change quickly and can seem abstract or confusing, so it’s important to offer your audience added value. A personal approach with the audience builds trust, so get closer to them, and through sharing their content, achieve a “user-to-user” type of communication.

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There are many ways of promotion. These few options will help you to understand what’s there for you, in the promo world.


It’s only a decade old, but due to its originality and unlimited possibility of conceptualizing the content, it has become a “new radio”. Through the Podcast from a wide range of opuses, you can choose any topic in the sphere of your interests, and place it on social media.

Instagram or Facebook Live

Combine pleasant with useful and at the same time achieve direct communication with the audience and promote your products/service. Live gives you the opportunity to gain trust and get closer to the audience through an open conversation.

TikTok and Instagram Reels

The competition is great, and originality is also the key, so get out of promotional templates. Creating fun video content through these options has gone viral around the world. TikTok has millions of users, and the recently launched Reels option of the Instagram platform has achieved enviable success in a very short period of time. These creative and fun trends are a way to modernize and enhance your social media/networks.

Video content

In addition to entertaining video content such as TikTok, it’ s very important that you have your own personalized video content that will suit the audience to which you are placing it. It’s known that today people spend the most time watching videos on social networks/media, so video is an absolute “must”. Explore the interests of your audience, prioritize creative video content, and market/publish what interests them most.

Carousel posts

Such posts rank high on Linkedin and Facebook, which is a great way to stand out and promote yourself with unique design and creativity, and at the same time place your services.


A great way to share educational content on your social networks is the Webinar. At the same time, you educate, promote yourself, and communicate with the audience. You also have the ability to generate leads on social channels, as well as the ability to develop your community.


Prioritize and intrigue your audience by offering them free eBooks on your social media channels in order to make the content you post clearer and more understandable. This electronic equivalent of a printed book will definitely target the desired group, while also providing your audience with something new and different from what they are used to.

All this will result in sending stronger messages, building the trust of the audience that will provoke positive feedback and long-term interest. Stand out from the rest, place content that will help you to be noticed, highlighted, and recognizable.